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Nick B. July 11, 2017

Traveling with a 18 month old child comes with its own challenges. John Chapman with Galveston Limo was our driver and provided excellent service from Houston airport to our Galveston hotel, John was timely and professional. The most impressive part came after checking into our hotel and breathing a sigh of relief from the full day of travel, we noticed my daughters blankie was no where to be found. Realizing it had to be on the shuttle we called John hoping he may have found it. He simply answers the phone "I've found your blanket... I'm on my way back to your hotel, I'll be there in 5 mins" I was speechless, not only did John make it his personal mission to return the infamous blankie but he did it with out hesitation possibly saving the entire vacation. For that I say thank you John Chapman!

Genesis M. July 11, 2017

DO NOT BE TRICKED! This company is terrible! They let me schedule a trip with a specific address then told me they were just taking me to the edge of town and I would have to find other transportation the rest of the way. When I tried to cancel because of that they only refunded 1/2 and I had to reschedule with another company! Don't give these liars your business!

Crystal H. July 11, 2017

We were on the Disney Wonder this past Friday and were stuck on the boat unable to dock. We had already booked with Galveston Limousine for our shuttle back to Hobby airport. After numerous calls and assurance that they would wait for us. They left without myself, husband and 3 year old daughter. We had to book with another company and they took us to the airport. When I called Galveston Limousine the woman on the phone was so rude and refused to give us a refund for the portion of the trip that we never used. I strongly urge you not to use this company and wish we would have went with someone else. Hope this helps anyone from standing helpless in the middle of the parking lot before or after your vacation.

Starla R. May 25, 2017

Great service. Had to fly husband back to Amarillo immediately for emergency surgery. All other taxis stated they could not pick us up at hospital for 1-2 hours. Shirley was there in less than 20 minutes. Made trip to Hobby as comfortable as possible for us.

Lisa E. March 19, 2017

Herb saved the day! My ride to the airport stood me up, making me potentially miss my flight. Herb came and got me and hurried me to the airport. I truly believe that, without his superstar efforts, I would have missed my flight. Thank you Herb! I can't recommend HF enough. :)

Tim T. January 7, 2017

Outstanding service. Locally owned and operated. Arrived before the appointed time at the hotel and took us to the shuttle.

Craig P. January 2, 2017

I appreciated the prompt pickup and good service. HF Taxi made our trip from the hotel to the port a breeze. Definitely recommend this service.

Greg K. December 17, 2014

Fantastic company to use. When i travelled to Galveston for a wedding the groom used this company for the wedding party.. It was a beautiful car and very clean. the driver couldn't have been nicer!

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