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Los Angeles, California

Experience the Glitz and Glamor of LA in a Limo Ride

There is no other way to enjoy Los Angeles than a limo ride throughout your vacation. It will make you feel like you are a first-rated Hollywood actor touring around the magnificent city. You can only imagine being the airport while a limo service is waiting for you and you happen to bump into some Hollywood celebrities who are also waiting for their limo service to arrive. You might not be a celebrity yourself, but you will definitely feel like you are one.

Aside from feeling like a celebrity, there are other advantages in hiring a limo service in LA from our vendors such as Crown Limousine or Love Boat Limousine. First of all, it is one of the busiest cities in the entire country. You might rely on its public transportation as it is well-organized, but you might get stuck in one place due to traffic. This will kill your spirit to explore the city up until you decide to just go back to your hotel and cancel your plans.



For a city that has a lot to offer, you can’t afford to not be in the mood just because of traffic. Of course, you still have to visit the Universal Studios Hollywood and perhaps visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There’s Disneyland if you are bringing your kids with you. You might also want to head to Los Angeles County Museum of Art if you feel like having an educational tour and end your night by watching a show at Walt Disney Concert Hall. These are just some of the things that you can do while you are at the home of the stars. In fact, even a week-long vacation won’t be enough to discover what LA has in store for you. So much of it you can discover with our Los Angeles package deals including City Tour + Movie Star Home, Super Shopping Tour + Malibu Beach or Night Tour of Los Angeles.

Living like a celebrity

The main reason why you have to hire a limo service while in LA is that it will surely make you feel like you are in the city of stars. You can travel different places in style and elegance. You also don’t have to worry about traffic. While seated in the limo, you can just relax while sipping a glass of champagne. You can also order authentic dishes made by top chefs. You can also sleep if you feel like you are tired of the traffic is heavy. When you have kids with you, then it helps even more to be on a limo throughout the trip.

Book now

For sure, your mind is now traveling to LA imagining yourself as a celebrity on a limo tour. You don’t have to leave that to the imagination if you go ahead and reserve now. Limoscanner can help you make this dream a reality. You just have to make online reservations and send your payments. You can inform them about the date and time when you wish to have the limo service. Upon arrival at the airport, your limo service is already waiting for you. As soon as you step inside, you already are treated like a celebrity. Enjoy this memorable trip!

Vehicles from top partners in Los Angeles:

Corporate Car

  • 3
  • 3

The Lincoln Towncar is the perfect vehicle for executives and blue collar workers alike, providing a lush, comfortable interior to cushion your ride, no matter what your destination. Don’t settle for a beat up bright yellow cab, or a twenty year old van stuffed with other passengers just as mislead by the ad of the brand new van as you are for your shuttle ride home (after everyone else is dropped off first, of course). Do yourself a favor and make your trip home something to daydream about, not something to dread. Instead of being rushed along on your way by a Taxi driver who’s more interested in how many scenic routes he can take to charge you more for every mile, be treated with respect and dignity by a licensed chauffer, who will help you with all your needs and see to it that your trip is one of ease and relaxation. With adequate room for four passengers, you can stretch yourself out on your solo ride, or enjoy your luxurious ride with the whole family. The Lincoln Sedan is perfect for airport, point to point, and smaller parties to get where they need to go without any hassle or worries. You’ll be glad you didn’t wait on the curb to catch a taxi, or go through the complication of charting a crowded shuttle – instead, you’ll be stretching your legs and taking a load off as you enjoy the privacy of your personal, clean, stocked, and air conditioned vehicle. Ever wonder about the cleanliness of those public taxis and shuttles? Never fear, your deep cleaned, prepped, and polished Lincoln Sedan will ensure you travel without the need for constant hand sanitizer use. Listen to the complete sound system, or gaze out at the scenery through tinted windows as you make your way on your trip. Enjoy the complimentary ice cold water, and make use of our provided mobile phone if need be. With a car ride this comfortable, affordable, and enjoyable, you’ll wonder how you ever could have even considered calling for a cab or a shuttle in the first place. Don’t pay for some impatient worker who only cares about their own time and how much they can make from you – travel without stress and make the most of your journey with a personal, discrete, and polite chauffer, and in a vehicle you can trust. Lush leather seats Pre-Screened Professional Chauffeur (Opposite of Uber) Prime sound system Privacy tinting Mobile phones provided Bottled water provided Service Charge Not Included

Los Angeles, CA

Hourly (Other services): $59.00

No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

Exclusive Van

  • 14
  • 10

Direct Exclusive Service Up to (14) Passengers with luggage Complimentary Newspaper Complimentary Bottled Water Clean Vehicles Friendly Professional Chauffeur On-time, Reliable Service

Los Angeles, CA

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Packages & Deals in Los Angeles:

Napa Wine Tours (4 hours )

New York, NY

The only thing better than a pleasant visit to sunny, beautiful wine country is making the trip with us!


4 hours

Pricing options

LAX to Beverly $ 105 all inclusive

Los Angeles, CA

for Baggage Claim meet, sedan up to 4 passengers + 3 luggage

Super Shopping Tour + Malibu Beach

Los Angeles, CA

Shop til you drop at the Camarillo Premium Outlet (160 shopping stores), stop over by the Malibu Colony and see the points of interest along the way. Drive by the Playboy Mansion and get to know where Ozzy Osborne lives, etc.


6 hours

Pricing options

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