With LimoScanner, there is no need to call dozens limo companies and look for a good deal. We will send your request to various limousine companies in your city and you will receive the best deal – guaranteed!

Our intelligent step-by-step software will help you to select the one and only choice for you. There truly is a LimoScanner for every occasion — and no matter which option you choose, you’ll get the same great service.

Head over to our Cities to find out more about the offerings in your area. You can even compare fare quotes for different options.

Every request is unique in its own way, this is why we have hundreds of vendors in more than 50 cities across US and Canada to satisfy the needs of every customer, however complicated or simple it may be. We conduct a rigorous screening process to verify that every vendor is insured and has satisfactory record.

Interested in signing up to drive with LimoScanner? You can visit Vendor Signup Page to get the ball rolling.

Setting Up Your Account

So you want to start requesting rides with LimoScanner? Awesome! Getting set up should only take a few minutes and will be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step One: Fill out booking request form. Follow our step-by-step booking request form. It will help you to decide on the type of vehicle that you need and it will help us to identify what vendor should receive your request.

Step Two: Confirm your phone number. After you have created your account, we will send you a SMS to verify your phone number. Please enter the verification code to complete the account creation process. If you do not receive an SMS from us please reach out to your mobile carrier to confirm that you can receive short-code texts.

Step Three: Now, sit back, relax and wait for the offers to start rolling in.

Managing Your Account

- Login to your account

- Click "Profile"

From here, you can update your name, email address and phone number.

Visit Lost Password Page to reset your password. Enter your email address or mobile number.

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email inviting you to reset your password.

For security reasons, you should choose a unique password for and never share your password in any correspondence.

If you continue to have trouble accessing your account, please email

In order to place a booking, you need to verify your phone number. Only bookings with verified number will be forwarded to our vendors.

If you're not receiving verification messages and are unable to ride, it's likely that your carrier is blocking short code SMS.

Give your provider a call to make sure that short code SMS is enabled for your mobile account. If you still can't confirm your mobile number, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help you!

If your account requires additional verification, it may be suspended. As a result, you'll be unable to sign into your account and request a ride.

If your account has been suspended, please send an email to with:

  • a copy of your photo ID in the same name as your account
  • a photo of the credit card on your account with only the last four digits and your full name showing

Please set the subject of your email to "My account is suspended". This additional security measure is an important step to keep the system safe and your account secure.

If you're not receiving emails from, please check your email account's "Spam" or "Junk" folders to ensure the message was not filtered.

Also verify that your email address is listed correctly on your account by visiting the Profile tab in the profile menu on the website.

If you're still not receiving messages from us, please confirm your email address and we'll be happy to assist.

If you're trying to sign up for a new LimoScanner account and finding that your email address or mobile number is already registered, it's possible that another account incorrectly has your information associated with it.

If you don't currently have an LimoScanner account, please send a message to with your information so that we may look into it.

If you have an LimoScanner account but are unable to update your information, select "I can't change my email or mobile number" section.

All LimoScanner accounts must have an email address and verified mobile number associated with the account in order to request a ride.

If you're trying to change your email or mobile number on an existing account but receiving an "Already Registered" error, please let us know your correct information below.

If you're unable to sign up for a new account because your number is already registered, please visit "My email or phone number is in use" section.

If you suspect that someone has accessed or is using your LimoScanner account without authorization, your account may be compromised.

Indications of a compromised account include:

  • seeing trip requests on your LimoScanner account that you are not making
  • seeing completed bookings on your LimoScanner account that you did not request
  • receiving phone calls or text messages from drivers to pick you up when you did not request a trip
  • receiving receipts for trips on your LimoScanner account that you did not request
  • your account information being changed without your knowledge
  • being unable to log into your account or the email address that was on your account is no longer found.

If you are able to login to your account, change your password and confirm your information. Please be sure that your password is new and unique to LimoScanner.

If you are unable to login to your account, please email us at so that we may investigate and assist further.

How LimoScanner Works
  1. Fill out our step-by-step booking request form.
  2. Request will be sent to multiple vendors in your city or city of your destination, in case of airport transfer.
  3. Receive quotes from our approved vendors. You can revise and modify your request as many times as you like. Vendors will receive all the changes, once submitted. You can ask questions and clarifications directly from vendors.
  4. Choose the best option, that suites your needs and price range.

* Note that in the U.S. & Canada riders are required to verify their mobile number via SMS before riding.

Check out OUR CITIES for a complete list of locations.

  1. Let the Limo Now feture find your location via GPS; select “Set Pickup Location”;
  2. Choose your desired car type using the slider at the bottom of the screen;
  3. On the next screen, tap “Request” and we'll find you the nearest available driver.

Using LimoScanner means there is no need to tip drivers with any of our services.

When receiving the quote, make sure to verify if the vendor includes the gratuity in the price offer. It will be indicated as a separate line item.

LimoScanner regularly reviews all customer ratings and driver feedback to ensure that we allow high quality, highly rated transportation providers and drivers to use our app and receive requests from riders.

We actively seek feedback on every ride, and take this feedback very seriously when evaluating our vendor partnerships.