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1401 E Helm Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

Vehicle Description

8 Passenger Executive Stretched Limousine. The 8 passenger Lincoln MKT stretch limousine is one of the top choices in the rental limo market today. An excellent choice to make your grand entrance to weddings, partys, and proms, or even just make a statement on a special night out.
This model is a stylish ride with everything you want to make your guest feel special all with the unique design and spacious interior this brand is known for.
*Max Luggage: 6 pieces
Leather interior
Tinted windows for privacy
Classic black exterior

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Rachel G July 11, 2017

Services were prompt, music great :) No complaints :)

Paul D. July 8, 2017

We used Omni for a one way ride from our hotel on the Strip to our group meet up in St. George for a hiking trip. Our driver, David, was on time, polite and courteous. The SUV was clean and comfortable. Omni's price was more competitive than other companies I contacted. Highly recommend.

Shelly F July 11, 2017

This is actually a story of two different experiences with Omni limos. I used this limo service for my wedding. As I was long distance, all of my communication with Omni was by email/phone. I found the email/phone communication to be prompt and helpful. Even when I changed the reservation several times due to the addition of some guests and the Mayweather/Pacquio fight, I found the company to be very helpful and patient. This early experience made my experience on the day of all the more upsetting. When I hadn't heard from my driver, I called dispatch and was told that the driver was already downstairs. When we came down, we had some difficulty finding our driver and by the time we located him, it was 20 minutes after our pickup time. As we had the reservation for 1 1/2 hours, this wasn't problem, but I was eager to get to my venue on time. The driver, Max, had no sign or any way of indicating that he was my driver. When he approached me, he addressed me by name. He then said that he had been waiting 30 minutes and the air conditioning had gone out and that "if I didn't want to ride in the limo, I'd have to find other transportation." I'm standing there holding my wedding dress, on the biggest fight night of the decade, less than 2 hours before my wedding. How on earth was I going to find another limo?! When I said that to him, Max then said "well, you'll have to pay me when we get there." Since I had my credit card on file, I was confused by this demand for payment. His attitude was also aggressive, as if I were inconveniencing him! I told him that we were already running late and that I didn't have time to argue with him, but that I was going to call Omni directly to address this. He then switched from using my proper name to calling me "honey." After the third time calling me "honey," I asked him to stop. Basically, all conversation between the two of us ceased at that point. When we got into the limo it was BLAZING hot! The windows were down, but by the time we reached our destination, we were sweaty and our hair was windblown. When I tried to give my mother a bottle of water in the car, I found that the water was hot to the touch. There is no way that his air conditioning had just conked out based on how hot that water was! On the way, my sister called Omni to complain about the lack of air. Omni initially only offered to have us wait 15 - 30 minutes for another limo and refused to give us a discount. But, after further discussion, Omni finally agreed to comp the limo ride. What makes this story even more strange is how we fared with the same company on the trip back. We ordered a sedan to bring my husband and I back from the wedding venue. I received a text message from Pierre, the driver, letting me know he was outside. Pierre was friendly, polite, and helped us with our bags (something that Max never bothered to do). The sedan was luxurious and most of all, it was air conditioned. When we arrived, Pierre never mentioned payment. When I finally asked him, he said it was not a problem since my credit card was on file! This only made me more suspicious of the kind of scam Max had been trying to run earlier. I was so appreciative of Pierre, that I gave him an extra tip. I've reported my issues to Omni directly, but I also felt the need to post this to let other people know what they are getting themselves into by booking with this service.

User4439345 July 11, 2017

The reason for the rating is because of one incident. When the driver picked me up at Vdara, he had a bit of an attitude because I was 5 mins late for my 2:45pm pickup. It honestly wasn’t my fault he came early at 2:20pm and waited around. Also when he dropped me off at Bali Hai, the first thing he said when I got out of the limo was, do you want to pay in Cash/Card? I was taken back, I gave my credit card when I made the reservation and thought it was on file, so I said, could you just charge the card? He said no, and I luckily had my wallet and paid him. I made sure my sister call the company to have them charge the credit card for our 10pm pickup. Other than that, the shuttle buses and limo came on time.

Kathy K. June 10, 2017

This was my second time using Omni and again, very pleased. Drivers are prompt, friendly, professional and go above and beyond to get you where you're going!

Cities Served

120" LINCOLN MKT LIMO can be used for pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in Las Vegas, NV:

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