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MacKenzie A August 16, 2016

The only reason I chose 1 star is because it is the only way I can post this, otherwise I would've given 0 stars. My daughter hired VIP Limo for her wedding this past weekend. She scheduled them from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. At 1:45pm when she came out of the church there was no limo waiting. She received a phone call at 1:50pm stating that they had a blowout and would be there as soon as they could. We called them back and was told they were waiting on a tire (I guess it's not customary to carry a spare tire?) and worse case scenario they would be there by 3:45pm. Needless to say 3:45pm came and went. The purpose of the limo was to drive around KC and take pictures and then to be dropped off at the reception around 5:00pm. Finally a little after 4:00pm we received a call that they got the tire fixed but blew a radiator hose. My daughter told them there was no point in coming and she expected a full refund. We then had to scramble and get rides for the 15 people that were supposed to ride in the limo. I spoke with Scott from VIP Limo yesterday regarding the refund and also asked for 1/2 of my photography bill to be covered considering we didn't get to drive around KC for photos. He said he would do us a favor and refund the money for the limo but that his business would not be able to sustain a hit for the photography. Oh and I should go to church and ask for forgiveness for even asking for a refund. He also said my photographer should work with me on their fee because we didn't get the pictures that we wanted. (As if this is the photographer's fault!) He said he would be more than happy to schedule a 3 hour time for them to get everyone together and go to the plaza for pictures. He said if he did this it would cost him about $750.00. Half of my photography bill would be $400.00. He is not willing to do that. So instead, we are to pay our photographer to come back, get everyone back in their wedding attire including renting tuxes, pay for hair and makeup and then we can get our pictures. Hmmm. He said he has no control over "Acts of God"! Since when is a tire blowout an act of God? At this point, he was supposed to process a refund by 6:00 yesterday and send an email confirmation that it was done. Of course it hasn't been done. He also said I could take him to court and he would see me on Judge Judy. Interesting remark. I tried calling him today to no response. Bottom line is this...DO NOT USE VIP LIMO. Horrible business and horrible owner.

Ashley K December 19, 2014

Alli of Alli's Heart (Find us on Facebook) decided to use her money from her Pay It Forward to take; Grandma Denise, Larry, mom, dad, sister Brooklyn, and brother Caden on a Limo Christmas Light tour. Lesson of the night; NEVER use VIP Limo. I spoke with Scott at 9:24 this morning ensuring everything was lined up for tonight. at 7:32, we still had no limo (pick up was at 7:30 at Old Chicago), I called Scott. He apologized and told me how he had upgraded our family to the Escalade, but the brakes on the Escalade were "mushy" It would be just a few minutes and we would have a driver. At 7:39, Scott called me back and said a vehicle would arrive in 15 minutes. at 7:58, I called Scott back because we still did not have a limo. at 8:00pm Scott called back and said the driver was right around the corner, so we walked outside and began to wait. At 8:06 no driver, I called Scott, no answer. I called him again at 8:08, no answer. at 8:11 I called Scott again and this time I was no longer nice. I was waiting for 40 minutes with an 18 month old, 3 year old, and 8 year old. Scott ended up sending a driver from another Limo company, Classic. Our driver was Jeff who was very kind, but Scott and I were arguing because Scott still expected us to give the driver another $200, we had already given Scott a $100 deposit. When I refused to give the driver any more money, Scott called him and told him to leave us where we were and to not to the light tour. All was crying and I was crying from frustration, at this point, I just handed the driver an additional $200 and we started the light tour at about 8:20, almost an hour after we were suppose to. The kids were falling asleep and Jeff our poor driver had no idea where we were suppose to go. Thank goodness another follower had told us to google Johnson County Christmas Lights. We ended up following a map on there and at 9:45, I told the driver to head back because the kids were all beyond exhausted. At this time, Scott is now refusing to answer our calls. Luckily her parents are good at putting on our game face and we had fun looking at the lights with the kids once we got started. I left Scott a message telling him he needs to get in contact with me about refunding the $100 we had already paid him. Sorry Kathy Quinn, we had planned on having some amazing pictures for you to go with Alli's story you will be running on Monday, but things did not pan out that way. VIP Limousine / Transportation

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