Hollywood Town Car and Limousine

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With a bus big enough for 43 friends and yourself, how can you not resist a night on the town? ULC’s 44 passenger party busses ar e like nothing else this size on the road. ULC’s first and most recognizable party bus, this vehicle has been around since day 1 of the party bus era and is a crowd favorite. This luxurious party bus is sure to make any night special, and with the added comfortable interior and dance floor, you can travel in ease, dancing or socializing any way you see fit. Our 44 passengers party busses are perfect from a group of friends going to prom, a couple of ladies doing a bachelorette party, or a couple of the fellas celebrating their friend’s last night of freedom with a bachelor party! Once inside one of these buses, hook up the jams with your cellphone, mp3 player, CD, DVD, or just set the radio to your favorite station and dance your heart out! Everyone aboard can enjoy and be inspired by the fiber optic lighting system that will knock your socks off! With the ability to fit 44 Adults and 46 minors, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch your legs and test your moves against your friends. Park this huge party bus somewhere so it’s not moving and see who can dance the best, or practice your moves before the club or school event! Instead of everyone bunching into ten different cars, why can’t everyone just go together? With our 44 Passenger Party Bus, it’s now possible! Don’t forget about the added safety of three “vertical safety polls” – if you know what we mean! Stay with your friends all night long, and don’t worry about driving when you’ve partied yourself to exhaustion – let our chauffeur ferry you back to your house in safety and style! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera, because you will be certain to get some great everlasting shots of you and your friends having fun in our 44 passenger party bus. Seats up to 38 Adults or 44 Minors IPOD/AUX HOOKUPS Bottled Waters and Ice Complimentary Awesome Sound system LED and Strobe lighting optional From $199 Fri&Sat Service Charge Not Included

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Hourly (Other services): $199.00

No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

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