2014 Suburban

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Vehicle Features


The SUV hold 6 passengers with luggage of 6 suitcases

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Lincoln MKS Town Car Seats 3 People + Luggage The Lincoln MKS Town Car comfortably seats three passengers with luggage and leg room to spare. This Town Car comes with an A+ certified Chauffeur to pick you up or drop you off at LAX, or any other destination.

Los Angeles, CA

22 Passenger Ultimate Hummer Limo

Known best for its extensive use on the American Idol popular TV show, our H2 Hummer SUV Limousines are the height of luxury, and will fit you and 20 lucky friends on your way to whatever adventures you have planned for your special night out. ULC’s very own unique Hummer Limos are still some of the most popular limousine’s on the road today. Sit in the lap of luxury, or a plush leather seat if you prefer, and enjoy a cushioned ride, safe and sound with a professionally licensed and insured chauffeur, and a vehicle that could stand up to a tank fight. This vehicles still get some of the best photo ops around with a group a people inside and out. Relax in your spacious personal vehicle as you make your way to your special destination – put on some tunes with the stereo surround sound system, using either just the radio tuner, or plugging in your own mp3 or phone to blast your favorite music, how you want it, when you want it. Or slip in a CD and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city from inside your amazing, top of the line vessel. Sit back and enjoy the cool refreshing breeze of the rear controlled air conditioner, as well as the ice cold bottled water stored in the multiple bar areas along the interior cabin. One of the many perks of renting out an H2 Hummer SUV limousine is that you’ll have the safety and security of your own personal elongated tank to see you get to where you’re going without going overboard and selling your house just for one night of amazement. With our ultimately low pricing system, you can have the time of your life, and still have money for your clubbing, sporting event, concert, wedding, anniversary, or night on the town. With lights like the stars, you’ll not only show up in a flashy fashion, you’ll be as bright as a star as you and your group enjoy the fiber optics and mood lighting. So don’t wait until it’s too late to book your very own H2 Hummer American Idol Edition! Capacity: 22 Minors or 20 Adults Unique lighting Passenger controls Bar area and privacy shade Top of the line sound system Free Hr Promo available Sun-TH From $109 Fri&Sat Night From $139/hr Sat day + SC (10am-6pm) Service Charge (tip/tax/fuel)

Los Angeles, CA