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Luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter - XL

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10311 Orangewood Boulevard Suite B, Orlando, FL 32821

Vehicle Description

Capacity: 17 Passenger Luggage: 12
Late-model Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Custom Captain's Chair seating
Executive tinted windows
Ample headroom and legroom
Ideal for dinearounds and VIP services

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Lynn R. February 24, 2016

Update: Destination MCO has resolved our credit card issue; upon further investigation on both sides, another company that showed up as "Destination MC" on my credit card statement was behind the additional charge. I had indicated in my earlier review that I would have given Destination MCO a higher review had this credit card issue not occurred, so I'll stand by my word and give a 2nd star. I will note that Destination MCO sent me a courteous e-mail reminding me to update the review following resolution of the credit card issue, but then suggested that I "update or remove" my initial review. Given that the credit card issue was relatively minor compared to the horrible experience we had upon arriving in Orlando, I don't see any basis for being asked to remove my review.

Lee B. October 21, 2015

I scheduled my tour of the city with the company a month in advance with the resort I was staying. I received confirmation everything was go. A month later, my wife and I had a wonderful day and evening celebrating our 16 anniversary. My wife had a nice dress and high heels. It was raining off and on outside. I told her let finish our meal (resort restaurant) and head out. She ask are we walking around somewhere; do I need to change my shoes. I told her no you do not need change your shoes and just wait and see.
The car and the driver arrives while my wife and I wait in front of the resort. The fact the car was a limo which I did not request, it took me a couple minutes before I asked the driver was he waiting for me. He was waiting for me and based on the information he received, he expected 15 people. I explained to him it was just me and the wife and I was not expecting a limo. He ask what do I want to do. I look at him puzzled and explain to him I want to tour the city. He explained that he that Orlando was not that type of city to tour so he recommended taking us to City Walk. Not really familiar with City Walk and the driver for some reason cannot drive us around the city, I said sure. The driver drove for about 20 minutes to City Walk and dropped us off. He gave us his phone number to call him to pick us up. My wife in her high heels and I spent about 2 hours at City Walk. We called the driver to pick us up and it took him 20 minutes to arrive while we waited in the rain at a bus stop. 20 minutes ride back to the hotel and the driver dropped us off.
The next working day for Karen, my concierge, I called her and let her know I was not happy with the service and explained to her what happened. She called the company and they told her they will give a significant discount. 45 days later, I was billed for $528 which was not a discount. I called Karen back to let her know I was charged. She fought the issue for me as well I fought the issue. The company offered a 10% discount for inconvenience. I told them to keep the 10% because I do not want the company to think I was satisfied. I would like people know that the company does not value customers.

Cities Served

  • Orlando, FL
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Luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter - XL can be used for pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in Orlando, FL:

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Passenger Capacity Rear Seating – 8

Orlando, FL

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No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

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