Prom / Homecoming / Graduation Excursion Packages

This 6 hour limo rental package in our 12 passenger Excursion Limousine is designed for those groups that want a memorable and safe limousine experience for their event, not just a ride.  Offers your group home pickup, picture stop, restaurant experience, chauffeured to the prom/homecoming/graduation, and safely returned home(s) at a designated time. For your peace of mind, we participate in the National Prom Promise. School colors can be requested (not guaranteed) for napkins.

Available in cities:



(just $107.14 per pax)

Sold by Emerald Limousine Service, LLC

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

12 seater Ford Excursion

Base fare: $999.00, surcharges: $286.71

Fuel Surcharge: included

Airport Fee: included

Parking Fee: included

Meet & Greet Fee: included

Gratuity: 20% of $999.00

State Tax: 7.25% of $1,198.80

Toll Fee: included

Stops / Waiting: included

$1285.71 (12 pax)

from $107.14 per pax