Wedding All Day Package (6 hours)

UR MOST REQUESTED PACKAGE!  This limo rental package offers our luxurious 12 passenger Excursion limousine to the Bride for her Dayton area wedding day from start to finish to take care of ALL transportation needs. Includes 6 hours of consecutive limousine service. The chauffeur and the limousine are at your service for the entire time to alleviate worries and make it as luxurious, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Imagine having your limousine available to:

Take the Bride and her mother to breakfast!

Take the Bride and Bridesmaids to the hair salon!

Pick up Grandma and Grandpa!

Pick up guests at the airport or wedding hotel suite!

Hire your photographer or videographer to ride along and take pictures from start to finish!

Run errands for the Bride!

Make sure the Groom and his party are at the church ON TIME!

Take the kids to the sitter/ pick them up!

Get the Bride and Bridal Party to the Church!

Take the Bride and Groom to the reception!

Take your reception guests home that shouldn't drive!

Take the Bride and Groom to the hotel/airport after the reception!

and much more... let your imagination go!  After all, it's your day....the WHOLE DAY!

Available in cities:



(just $68.75 per pax)

Sold by Emerald Limousine Service, LLC

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

12 seater Ford Excursion

Base fare: $825.00, surcharges: $0.00

Fuel Surcharge: included

Airport Fee: included

Parking Fee: included

Meet & Greet Fee: included

Gratuity: included

State Tax: included

Toll Fee: included

Stops / Waiting: included

$825.00 (12 pax)

from $68.75 per pax