San Francisco Concert Special 3 hours

Party time!!!

Package pricing quoted is the base 3 hour rate for a six passenger stretch Lincoln limousine. Larger and Specialty Exotic vehicles are offered for an additional charge.

(Fees & Fuel Surcharges not included)

No one likes to go straight home after an evening of live entertainment. Let LeGrande Affaire take you for a night on the town to continue the fun even longer. Your tuxedoed chauffeur can pick you up after the show, get you out of the crowds in style and make the rest of the night spectacular!!

For a more mellow evening, we can pick you up at home and take you out to a special dinner before the concert and of course you will get dropped off at the front of the line. WHY? Because you deserve it!!!

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(just $35.00 per pax)

Sold by LeGrande Affaire

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

6 Passenger Lincoln Town Car - White

Base fare: $210.00, surcharges: $0.00

Fuel Surcharge: not included

Airport Fee: included

Parking Fee: not included

Meet & Greet Fee: included

Gratuity: not included

State Tax: included

Toll Fee: not included

Stops / Waiting: included

$210.00 (6 pax)

from $35.00 per pax