Limo service - Central coast brewery tours

Looking for a fun Beer Tour?  We can take you to any brewery in the San Luis Obispo area.  We can pick several boutique and mainstream breweries in the Paso Robles area through South San Luis Obispo.


Firestone-Walker Brewing Company

“Firestone Walker Brewing Company began as a small brewery with roots in wine country on California’s Central Coast. Now a regional craft brewery, our singular purpose remains – to craft the world’s best beers. Passionately in pursuit of the perfect beer…and never satisfied. We are living beer.”


BarrelHouse Brewing Company

“Nestled in the rolling hills of San Luis Obispo County on the edge of Paso Robles and in the heart of wine country. Stop by, grab a brew or two and relax. Enjoy our glorious beer gardens with friends while you listen to the waterfall and experience the central coast the way it was meant to be enjoyed…outside.”


Paso Robles Brewing Company

The marriage of a new microbrewery and the wonderful Pour House California beer bar, the PRBC’s “relaxing and comfortable tap room fosters great conversation and a truly local feel. In addition to it’s outstanding beer lineup and relaxed comfy atmosphere, PRBC also offers great local and traveling musical acts. From Bluegrass to Blues, covers or originals, the music is always top notch and at the appropriate volume.”


Molly Pitcher Brewing Company

“Located in the heart of Atascadero’s ‘Downtown’ is Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. The look of the brewery is ‘Classic Americana’; from it’s old fashion style logo, to the gorgeous wooden bar that was made from a reclaimed water tank, to the rough industrial concrete floor and even the polished concrete top tables. Every facet of the place seems to speak to the soul of the area.”


 Dunbar Brewing

“My vision for Dunbar is to be a small neighborhood brewery. I offer high-quality beers to the town at a great price, and I’ve also made sure that it’s a conversation pub — no TVs, no loud music playing — just a great place to have some amazing beers and get to know your neighbors.”


Central Coast Brewing

“Whether it is sitting at the bar enjoying a fresh beer, or hanging out with friends while you learn the art of brewing, Central Coast Brewing is your neighborhood brewery.  Recognized as one of the premier brewing facilities in California’s Central Coast region, CCB is known far and wide for its variety of hand crafted, one-of-a-kind microbrews and signature ales.


Tap It Brewing

From the Harley Davidson to the Race Car memorabilia, and an abundance of diamond plate steel, the roots of Tap It sponsored motor sports shows in the brewery and tap room. Tap It brews on-premise and offers tasters, pints, and pitchers of their various beers in a spacious tasting room and large outdoor patio.


ManRock Brewing Company

“ManRock is a microbrewery with tasting room. Blonde, Banana Wheat, Amber Ale, Pale Ale, and IPA on tap all the time. Special brews periodically! Plus 5 TVs for football watching. Feel free to bring in food and enjoy a beer. Stacked Sandwiches is next door if you want an absolutely gourmet sandwich.”


Firestone’s Barrelworks

Far removed from their Paso Robles location to ensure their sours stay away and their barrels have a cool place to age, this Skunkworks-of-brewing is housed in Firestone-Walker’s building, shared with their taphouse and restaurant. “This is a story of beer, barrels and unintended consequences, of renegade brewers, and of a pet project turning into a wild beast. This is the story of Barrelworks.”


Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company

“Figueroa Mountain Brewing has focused on producing top tier beers from day one. They attribute that to not only the necessity for the highest quality ingredients, but the same expectations for their staff. ‘We believe that success in this business like other industries starts with building a culture that is focused on always improving and never feeling complacent with mediocrity, always striving to better yourself and your business every day.’”


* For Friday to Sunday rates are increased.

** Picking up client in Cambria there is a travel charge to cover fuel and driver, $40.00. 

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Pricing Options

Cadillac Escalade, 6 passenger

Base fare: $300.00, surcharges: $60.00

Gratuity: 20% of $300.00

$360.00 (6 pax)

from $60.00 per pax

140 stretch Chrysler 300, 10 passenger

Base fare: $340.00, surcharges: $68.00

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$408.00 (8 pax)

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Stretch Hummer, 14 Passenger

Base fare: $480.00, surcharges: $96.00

Gratuity: 20% of $480.00

$576.00 (14 pax)

from $41.14 per pax