Limo service - Paso Robles wine tour

Just think, someone else driving, no need to worry about D.U.I. Enjoy riding in a 14 passenger 160 inch stretch Hummer limousine, sipping on a glass of Tobin James Champagne and enjoying conversation with your friends. Also making long term memories. Relaxing having lunch at Cass winery, Great food, great wine and good friends, what can be better. Well time to load up the Hummer Limousine and visit another winery.


Paso Robles wine tasting rooms

Cass Winery                                   Daou Winery                           Vina Robles Vineyards
EOS Winery                                   Gravyard Winery                    Turley Wine cellars
Tobin James Winery                     Calcareous Winery                 Treana Wines
Meridian Winery                            Le Vigne Winery                     Tablas Creek Vineyards
Adelaida Cellars                            Le Cuvier Winery                    Summerwood Winery
Justin Vineyards                            ONX Wines                              L’Adventure Winery
Wild Horse Winery                        Opolo Winery                          J. Dusi Wines
Norman Vineyards                        Ecluse Wines                           Jada Vineyards
Harmony Cellars                            Clautiere Vineyards                Halter Ranch Vineyards
Robert Hall Winery                        Castoro Winery                       Booker Vineyards
Eberle Winery                                Aron Hill Winery                     Epoch Estates
Wild Coyote Estate Winery          Sextant Winery                        Cypher Winery
Peachy Canyon Winery                 Niner Wine Estates                 Croad Vineyards
Firestone Vineyard                        Pear Valley Winery                  Chronic Cellars
Bianchi Wine                                 Hunt Cellars                              Shale Oak Vineyards

Paso Robles Wine region is renown for its splendid award-winning wines. With nearly 250 wineries in the local area, there is something special – and a bit of adventure – available for everyone. A Paso Robles wine tour can be an enjoyable occasion for couples, friends and family. The wineries are as varied in size and character as the myriad of wines available. A mix of different winery settings and experiences await, including:  quaint outdoor venues, music and culinary events, sleek indoor wine bars, cave tours, and gorgeous hilltop views.

Robert hall winery

Arguably the best way to enjoy Paso Robles wine tasting is riding safely in the comfort of a limousine. Limousines are the perfect coaches, keeping passengers entertained from point-to-point during their journey. And of course the good times can continue while in transit!

Central Coast Limousine Service has a fleet of high-quality limousines dedicated for wine tours in Paso Robles and the surrounding area. We know the local wineries well and we’re expert at helping our clients tour in style. With us, you’ll have an opportunity to experience local favorites, hidden gems and culinary delights. We’re also familiar with the miles of back roads that make up the large local wine region. Our limo drivers are courteous, helpful and pleasant. Rest assured, your safety is their number one priority.  In short, we’re committed to making your Paso Robles wine tasting experience amazing!


*Central Coast limousine has a special 4 hour wine tour in The Paso Robles area no one can beat, Tuesday through Thursday. Pick up must be in Paso Robles.

** For Friday to Sunday rates are increased.

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(just $36.00 per pax)

Sold by Central Coast Limousine Service

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Cadillac Escalade, 6 passenger

Base fare: $260.00, surcharges: $52.00

Gratuity: 20% of $260.00

$312.00 (6 pax)

from $52.00 per pax

140 stretch Chrysler 300, 10 passenger

Base fare: $280.00, surcharges: $56.00

Gratuity: 20% of $280.00

champagne: not included

$336.00 (8 pax)

from $42.00 per pax

Stretch Hummer, 14 Passenger

Base fare: $360.00, surcharges: $72.00

Gratuity: 20% of $360.00

$432.00 (12 pax)

from $36.00 per pax

Stretch Hummer, 14 Passenger

Base fare: $616.00, surcharges: $0.00

Gratuity: included

$616.00 (14 pax)

from $44.00 per pax