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18-20 Passenger Suburban Limo

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Comfortably seating 17-18 Passengers, Legend's New Body style Suburban Limo blends traditional styling with new edge technology. The white exterior with the solid window construction is very sleak. Polished alluminum 20" wheels really make the truck shine. Inside, the swooshing seat pattern is black and silver, which is also detailed on all of the pillars in the limo. Rich wood bar areas are located in the rear on the driver side, and in front on the passenger side. Color changing lights can be found in both bars, and on either side of the Stainless Steel cieling. The trunk features a private VIP area that comfortably seats 2 passengers looking out the passenger side.

New York, NY


A party on a mini bus in New Jersey is never a dull one. You get to have the time of your life while also enjoying the sights and sounds that New Jersey has to offer. Everytime you take a look outside the window of a mini bus in NJ, you just see something new, something beautiful. A bachelor party or a bachelorette party with 30 of your closest friends? No problem! Our 37-passenger mini bus in New Jersey can comfortably accommodate all of you so that you all have room to sit, move around, talk and socialize. Take the Prom to the Road with Mini Bus New Jersey Prom night has ended, but you are still hyped up and full of energy? Arrange to have the best night of your school days on board a mini bus in New Jersey! Your prom night does not have to end just because the venue is closed or the band has packed up, you can still create memories with your old classmates and have a grand time doing it too: touring New Jersey on a mini bus! Reunions Made Even Sweeter on Mini Bus NJ Excited to see your old friends from school, and also to see how New Jersey has changed in the time you were away? Then arrange for your reunion on board a mini bus NJ and hit two birds with one stone! Corporate Excursions on Mini Bus NJ Going to a meeting or a corporate event with your whole team? Let them rest comfortably on a mini bus in NJ. Nobody would need to be unnecessarily stressed with driving the whole team around!

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CUSTOM COACH AND LIMO has 24 passenger bus rentals in New Brunswick that would be great for medium sized groups for a day of fun all around New Brunswick, New Jersey and even as far away as New York. Visit the best attractions in New Brunswick such as the Jane Voorhees Zimmerili Art Museum on Hamilton Street where you could spend hours ogling at the exhibits and pieces on display for only $3 per person. That's a total of 50,000 works of art for less than $5! You could also catch live performances at the State Theatre or the George Street Playhouse. You could also laugh the night away at Vinnie Brand's Stress Factory Comedy Club. Bus rentals in New Brunswick is not only good for taking everyone in your group to all the nice places in town without hassles and headaches, but generally speaking, you could get the best bus experience with us. Imagine having comfortable and spacious seats for everyone in your group. Let them enjoy wide aisles and enough legroom. What's more, you can have a clean toilet on board your charter rental. This means that you do not have to make frequent stops for toilet breaks, so you get to your destinations on time. Whether it's a museum tour, a food trip, or a night out around town, be sure to arrange for bus rentals in New Brunswick for your group. Experience the convenience and the comfort of being treated like royalty while also keeping an eye on your budget. Bus rentals in New Brunswick remain to be the most affordable way to see the sights and tour the area.

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1947 Antique Rolls Royce

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1947 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

New York, NY; Newark, NJ

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