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210 Rye St, Spring, TX 77380, USA
+1 (281) 723-2550

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by John Smith July 11, 2017 at 2:01 AM
It started off by the 1st limo being 15min to start. Then after dropping of the bridal party the limo driver was supposed to go pick up the grooms men and groom but apparently the limo either didn't have a itenary or didn't bother looking at it. After having to hunt down the limo whom he was over an hour late in picking up the grooms party. The 2nd limo driver took the some of the guest from the wedding home directly after the wedding and after completing that was supposed to pick up the bride and groom from their hotel room with their guest to go around town. He took over an hour to get from dropping off the guest at the house they were staying at to getting back to the hotel which was less then 30min away. When the limo did finally arrive he asked what time we were going to be using him till. Which I stated I don't know I guess around 10 or so. After getting to the first location that we had to go to the limo driver asked one of our guest to remove the ice chest that belonged to the limo company from the limo. Then at the 2nd stop the limo driver pointed out that it was after 10pm. The company was paid till 11pm with the option to extend. The Groom who was feeling car sick requested to sit in the front of the limo and as he was trying to get into his sit the limo drive told him to just kick the s*** out of the way cause he wasn't going to move it. He then asked who was taking care of his tip. Which was automatically charged on top of being handed cash earlier in the evening. After returning from our honeymoon we discovered that the limo company had charged for a broken window and was refusing to return calls or emails. Only after reporting the company to the BBB did we get a response from the owner. To top it all off the none of the limo drivers delivered the kind of service that I would expect from a limo company. Including opening and closing of the limo doors. I have a photo taken at the Church of my Groom holding the door open of our limo and he closed it behind him because the limo driver was already in the car waiting for us to go. The cars were also not in as good of condition as I would expect either. The first limo driver told us do to clogs in the drain we would be able to put ice in the ice buckets to chill our drinks. Not professional or prepared to do business at all.
by Collin Y. July 11, 2017 at 1:59 AM
I have used them for years. Prompt service. New, clean cars. Professional drivers. No need to call anyone else. A&H is the best.
by Emily E. July 11, 2017 at 2:00 AM
Great limo service located in the woodlands. The driver was super respectful and friendly. We all had a great time for my birthday! I always recommend this company to all my friends!
by Emma P. October 24, 2014 at 11:39 PM
Mo is awesome!!! Whatever type of transportation you may need you can count on them, They are super reliable, always on time, clean, and comfortable.

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