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Lincoln Executive Sedan

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Overland Park Dr, Overland Park, KS 66204, USA

Vehicle Description

Our Lincoln Executive is perfect for Corporate Executives or Casual Business Travelers who need vehicle service for the day or a simple pick up and/or drop off to/from one of our wonderful regional airports. It will hold up to 3 passengers (2 in the back and 1 in the front).

The comfortably spacious interior, cool leather seating and warm accents are perfect for the businessman who needs creature comforts after a long plane ride.

Drink service is available; just ask Geeves to pour a roadie so that you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

Thinking about the perfect date night? Why drive when you can hire our vehicle service and have your own personal chauffeur?! Our Lincoln is also the perfect ride for an intimate night out for two. Dinner on the Plaza. An evening in the Jazz District. There are a thousand ways we can think of that a lovely Kansas City couple could spend an evening along with us in the Lincoln Executive Sedan.

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Steve L. June 30, 2017

SAME COMPANY AS VIP LIMO out of Overland Park!! READ THEIR REVIEWS ON GOOGLE BEFORE YOU BOOK THIS COMPANY!! Most of those tell the TRUE story of what you will get.

Every time i called this "company" - Summer answered on her cell phone while shes in the middle of 100 things.
-Constantly said she has nothing to write anything down that we discussed and that she would call me back (never got a returned call)
-Always felt like a massive inconvenience
-Every call was incredibly unprofessional
-Stated she would call the night before to verify appointments (never called...again)
-Ignored my calls the morning of my wedding...so had no idea if we had a ride at all.

The ride finally showed up!! 30 min late!!

Ghetto driver with tennis shoes and his daughter in the passenger seat

This "very nice updated limo" came equipped with:
-NO AIR CONDITIONER!! (really nice for professional photos for a wedding)
-Failing headliner falling from the ceiling
-Broken speakers
-Broken stemware holders (no stemware as promised...the least of our concerns after this nightmare)
-Melted floor runners
-Bubbling tinted windows
-No aux cord so you're stuck listening to radio advertisements for your entire ride since the 1990's radio he has in the back has 4 radio station options.

SO....this thing shows up before our wedding for our professional photographs...entire wedding party was miserable.

When we get back to the church and before we get married I called Summer (I was nice at this point) to let her know this is nothing like we discussed and that this is the least professional looking limo we had ever seen and our wedding party's makeup is running everywhere after riding in the rolling sauna. She said she would make it right and have a new vehicle show up after the wedding to take us to the reception (reservations were made for this a week prior).

We go get married and walk out of the church...walk outside....no limo....

15 min late THE SAME LIMO SHOWS UP....FML!!!

I call Summer to tell her we would rather walk than get into that thing and that they can turn around we are not paying for this....SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!

I called a different limo company (all of this during my wedding)....explained the situation and they stated "oh you must be dealing with Overland Park Limo Service AKA VIP Limo"!

Pretty terrible when your competition knows the type of service you offer.

The other came through and saved the day.

A few days later- I called the owner of the company (I needed to let my blood stop boiling before I made the call).

This call spoke volumes of the type of service they offer because the owner (Scott Myers) may have made the same amount if not MORE excuses than Summer did the entire time.
"Not our driver, not our vehicle, Summer is short staffed, she must have had bad reception which is why she clearly hung up on you, etc. etc. etc"

He begged me not to write a review and bribed me with random crap to "make it right"...

You ruined my wife's wedding day
You justified the actions of the least professional person I've ever worked with
You stated you would call me the next day....you didn't (not surprised)

I know this is long winded but I really don't want someone to make the same mistake we did.


Cities Served

Lincoln Executive Sedan can be used for pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in Kansas City, MO:

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