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Chevy suburban

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Seattle, WA

Vehicle Description

Chevy suburban will meet your highest expectations. This vehicle is well-maintained and always neat interior. The driver is accurate speaks reasonable English and willing to please every demand. Your safety is our main concern so we will get you to your destination and back at the competitive cost. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Chevy suburban can be used for pick-up and drop-off services in the following airports in Seattle, WA:

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Hourly: $60.00

No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

Ford Expedition SUV

means not even mother nature will keep you from your destination. When it comes to navigating the crowded streets of New York (not to mention parking in them!), driving a small rather than a large vehicle can certainly lessen the headache. At HTP, however, we know that many occasions call for big cars and we’re pleased to provide around the clock SUV transportation service. We have you covered when it comes to seating capacity, room for luggage or even both. Let someone else deal with parking and changing lanes while you enjoy the benefits of riding in one of our late model Ford Expeditions for hire. With room to comfortably accommodate seven adults plus their luggage, our Ford Expedition is the perfect way to meet your group car service needs in New York. HTP’s fleet is available for last-minute airport trips or out of town excursions with room for the whole family. Our NYC SUV service even helps families save money; now there’s no need to hire two vehicles to transport everyone. The Ford Expedition is perfect for cargo delivery as its rows of seats tuck away to provide ample space for luggage or equipment. SUVs provide solutions for more than just square footage requirements. Transportation needs do not cease when the weather turns dodgy. The Ford Expedition is up for the challenge with its various standard safety features. Additionally, its high clearance and four-wheel drive allow it to confidently handle snowy roads.

New York, NY

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